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I am so over painting.  This week I painted our upstairs game room (which I guess is technically our movie/hangout room…not really a game room).  We have plans to paint other rooms and bathrooms this weekend which I know we will do, but at this point….I’m over it.  I decided to tackle this one day while David was at work, and this is a lot of room for one person (by the time you tape everything off, paint, re-tape for the trim, paint the trim….it was a lot of work).  There’s a balcony (not pictured) that overlooks our living room with lots of architectural details that were a pain….but alas…it’s finished.

Anyway, here is the before and after (Before photo is from the house listing and has the old carpet pictured):


After (with a small feature from Bandit):


The outlets and outlet covers in this room were pretty old looking (aka: yellow) so David also replaced all of the outlets in this room.

I (obviously) haven’t done any decorating in this room because I have no idea what I want to do.  I’ve been looking on Pinterest for inspiration but nothing has spoken to me yet.  I’ll leave it for a bit while I work on our other more pressing projects.

Y’all, it has been a BUSY weekend here!  David had a four day weekend for Labor Day weekend (and I didn’t have any weddings to photograph), so we put our weekend time to use and did some house projects!  We started three projects this weekend (why start one when you can start three?  But really, we are just crazy.)  One we completed which was the half bathroom downstairs.  Last week I started working on some DIY shelves to help bring some “Rustic Texas” to our bathroom.  Nothing crazy, but I did these shelves all by myself.  I even enjoyed making them! I followed THIS online tutorial and here is the finished product:


It’s an extra win when your hubby tells you after you’re done hanging the shelves and styling them that he “loves how I decorated it” without any prompting of me asking what he thought of them.  haha!


This bathroom was orignally a tan color (the same color the entire house was painted in), so we had this painted when we moved in.  However the vanity was in pretty bad shape, so this weekend we took the doors off, sanded everything down, repainted it white (so it wouldn’t look yellow anymore) and replaced the old door knobs with clean and elegant nickel door knobs.  (Whoops, I didn’t get a picture of the door knobs…my bad!)  We also, took down the old standard mirror and hung up the framed mirror that I bought a few months ago and replaced the light fixture.


It must be something about being an adult but new bathroom hardware sure made me happy this weekend.  This is the downstairs bathroom that all guests use when they are over.  Before there was no place for me to hang the hand towel for guests to dry their hands on, so it just laid on an already small sink counter.  We added this towel ring as well as replaced the sink faucets/drains and toilet paper holder to a nice, sleek design and nickel finish.  Again, I SUCK at taking before photos (I even went back to our old house listing to look for this so you could see the before and after but there was never a picture of this bathroom listed in the house posting.  I wish I would have photographed every room in the house when we moved in, but when you’re in the middle of moving, these “before” photos don’t really cross your mind.

Anyway, all of the hardware in our house was/is the brass looking hardware which while it might be nice, is a little too masculine for me.  And this photographer’s eye loves lighter and clean designs and color schemes.  Luckily David was up for switching it all out to this nickel:


David also replaced the electrical outlet to a newer updated more modern design (can be seen above).


I love how it turned out!  The new hardware and my homemade shelves just make me so happy!!  The only thing I would like to do with this bathroom is retile it.  But seeing as we just replaced the toilet when we moved in, neither David nor I felt like taking out the toilet to retile at the moment.  Plus, we are about to retile one of our upstairs bathrooms later this month, so this will do for now!



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